About Us

BioTerra Environmental Solutions works in the consulting/testing field addressing environmental challenges in the state of New Jersey and New York. We have extensive experience with the tri-state regulatory process and government laws, coupled with an intricate knowledge of key environmental issues related to asbestos and mold among other related hazardous material.

BioTerra participates in numerous projects delivering costumer service to various clients ranging from a single family home to a multi-level warehouse and beyond.

What We Do

The wild world we love is fast disappearing. At Bioterra, we think that business can inspire solutions to the environmental crisis. This means that what we do and how we do it must cause the least harm to the environment. We evaluate raw materials, use innovative technologies, and rigorously police our waste.

BioTerra Environmental Solutions staff is recognized in the state of New Jersey and New York for consulting, performing inspections and complex project monitoring. We take pride in executing quality work at a minimal cost to the customer.

Why Us?

Our job at BioTerra Environmental Solutions is to guarantee that any type of construction, renovation and demolition modification won’t have a negative impact on its environment, surroundings and public safety. There are many federal, state and local regulations to comply with; it’s wise to choose an environmental consulting firm like Bioterra. Our Company will assist with planning, monitoring, testing and ensuring the safety of all individuals.